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I offer a multitude a home inspection services. I offer:

Pre-Owned Home Inspection:

Welcome Realtors, Buyers, Sellers, Bankers and Insurance Professionals. Weather you are an agent or a broker, lender, appraiser, builder or real estate attorney, your customers often look to you for recommendations on who they should hire to conduct the home inspection. Rely on a knowledgeable, licensed inspector who can detect weather the heating unit is functioning properly, whether the air conditioning is sufficient, whether a sump pump is needed, and so on. Think of a building inspection as an X-ray; the inspector will be able to see through the entire house and identify and systemic problems. You can trust that we will deliver exceptional service and expert knowledge, enabling your customers to make informed decisions about the sale or purchase of a home, thus helping you in your role as a trusted resource. After all, it’s your reputation that’s on the line.
There are (six) different categories when completing a pre-owned home inspection. They are as follows:
a. Foundations
b. Grade & Drainage
c. Roof coverings
d. Roof Structure & attic
e. Walls
f. Ceilings & Floors
g. Doors
h. Windows
i. Fireplace & Chimneys
j. Porches, decks & carports
k. Other
a. Entrance Service & Panels
b. Branch Circuits
a. Heating Equipment
b. Cooling Equpment
c. Ducts & Vents
a. Water Supply
b. Waste, drains & Vents
c. Heating (Hot Water) systems
d. Hydro-theraputic – Whirlpool
a. Dishwasher
b. Disposal
c. Range hood
d. Range/Oven/Stove
e. Microwave
f. Trash Compactor
g. Bathroom exhaust & heaters
h. Central Vac
i. Garage Doors
j. Bell/Chimes
k. Dryer Vent
l. Other Built-ins
a. Water Sprinkler
b. Swimming pool & equipment
c. Outbuildings
d. Outdoor Cooking Equipment
e. Gas Lines
f. Water well
g. Septic Systems
h. Security systems
i. Fire protection

Three Phase New Construction Home Inspection:

3-Phase New Construction Inspections are a series of inspections completed during the construction process. Effective 9/1/08, TRCC has mandated that residential construction in unincorporated areas and other areas not subject to municipal inspections be performed. This information can be found in Chapter 446, Subtitle F.
Phase I – Foundation (Pre-Pour) Fee $150– Prior to the placement of concrete. 
Attention is paid to the following areas:
Reinforced Steel
Vapor barrior
Lot contour and grading
Phase II – (Pre-drywall) Fee $200 - Framing and mechanical systems prior to being covered with sheetrock. In this inspection, we examine the plumbing, electrical wiring and duct installations, the roof structure and roof surface. We look at the structural frame, inspecting each member for a variety of framing errors, such as:
Unbolted sill plates
Overspanned structural members
Inadequate Perlins
Underbuilt bearing Walls
Improper notching/boring
Improper Fire stops
Severed Plates and Interrupted joists
Framing/Sheathing – fastners & Connectors
Phase III/IV –Final Grade/Final Inspection Fee $350 - Before the buyer accepts the home from the builder, we perform a thorough visual examination of the exterior and interior of the property just as we would for any full home inspections including all of the major systems, appliances and surfaces. This will also include a room by room inspection and this report will serve as a “deficiency list” of items to be completed or corrected by the builder prior to final settlement.
Phase V – Slab Certification Fee $300 – We also provide laser level slab certification within every 100 ft of the slab. This is also in Chapter 304, Subchapter D of TRCC rules and regulations. At this time, this is not mandatory but will be needed when acquiring a 2/10 warranty from HOME. 

Infrared Inspection:



Infrared Inspection Prices:


-Allows To See Behind Sheetrock

-Check For Water Damage

-Check Hot Spots in Electrical

-Check Plumbing For Leaks

-Check Air Flow Around Windows and Doors

Air Quality:


-Measure Humidity and Carbon Dioxide Levels

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